The files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note on how to print the files: Make sure the files print the correct size! At the print window, set under Page Handling the Page Scaling to NONE.

You might wish to print this on transparency paper.

If you like, you can cut out and paste the protractor on some cardboard or an empty cereal box.

Kids, ask your parents permission before beginning this project.

  • You'll need some scissors, glue, and piece of  cardboard or an empty cereal box.
  • Print out the protractor..
  • Take some glue and spread it on the back of the printout covering the area of the image.
  • Paste the image onto the cardboard or empty cereal box. Wait for the glue to dry.
  • Once the glue is dry, neatly cut out the protractor. Also cut out the inner half circle, and poke a hole where the #3 would be at the middle of the bottom, and above the 90 at the top.
  • You may color in the protractor with crayons or markers if you wish to personalize it.
  • Now you have your very own protractor.

To measure with the protractor, line up the angle of the item to the center of the hole at the middle bottom. Make one edge of the angle line up with where there would be a 0 and then read on that scale where the other edge crosses.

In this example, the angle is 140 degrees.